Friday, September 8, 2017

Water Wings, Towel, Rubber Ducky, & Nemo!

What do water wings, a heart towel, a rubber ducky, and Nemo have to do with our school counselor, Miss Jen? Just ask Hansen's first graders!

In our first counselor visit this year, we played "Pass the Present," which was tons of fun. Inside the box, we found those four objects. Melvin, puppet assistant, told us that the four things had something to do with Miss Jen's job as our school counselor, but they all seemed like pool "things" to us!

Everyone learned the four things really do go with Miss Jen's job though:

* Water wings? Miss Jen helps us all FEEL SAFE at school.

* Rubber ducky? Miss Jen helps us CONNECT and have fun together!

* Heart towel? Miss Jen cares about us and helps everyone in lots of ways, especially when kids have big feelings and need SUPPORT.

* Nemo? Miss Jen helps us all show Hansen PRIDE by never giving up!

If you ever have concerns, big or small, about your child(ren), contact Miss Jen by email or phone to set up an appointment. Here to help everyone have a great year together!