Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

The last week in October was Red Ribbon Week - a time when schools and communities across the nation focus on healthy decision making.  The 2013 Hansen theme was "Stand Up for Yourself:  Be Safe, Healthy, and Drug Free."

Classroom lessons with Miss Jen focused on how to take medicine in healthy ways, the importance of staying away from unhealthy drugs, and managing stress positively.  On Monday, students started making classroom banners illustrating what it means to them to stand up for themselves.  On Tuesday, we took pictures of students in their wacky socks.  Wednesday we spelled "Stand Up" for a photo, and on Thursday students were able to learn healthy stress management tips from the wall display created by our sixth graders. 

AldridgeIt was a great week but also an important week for our students.  What conversations have you had with your child(ren) about unhealthy drugs?  Like with other many parenting issues, a one-time conversation is not enough.  Our kids need to talk with us multiple times as they grow up and understand more.  With little ones, simply talking about healthy versus unhealthy things to put in our bodies is a good first step.  From there, a focus on the importance of only taking medicine from a trusted adult can be helpful.  In middle childhood, talking about how tobacco is unhealthy for everyone and alcohol when used responsibly is healthy for adults but not children are good options.  Older elementary students are often ready to name some illegal drugs, but even more importantly, it's helpful to focus on refusal skills that kids can use in any situation where someone might be suggesting they do anything unhealthy.